- Spring 2022 Signing Day

Smith Stearns Spring Signing Day 2022

What a gorgeous day on Hilton Head Island for the Smith Stearns Academy Spring 2022 Signing Day!


Pictured L to R: Charlie Piegza, Graydon Buckingham, Aathreya Mahesh


All the Seniors at the Academy were honored, as many seniors had participated in the Fall 2021 Signing Day.  Yet, on this day, special attention was directed towards three young men who more recently committed to colleges: Graydon Buckingham, Aathreya Mahesh and Charlie Piegza. These three student athletes will be graduating this May and have signed to play tennis for the following:



Graydon Buckingham

U.S. Naval Academy


Aathreya Mahesh

James Madison University


Charlie Piegza

Samford University


Smith Stearns Tennis Academy is so proud of each of these players and all they’ve achieved! B.J. Stearns and Stan Smith, co-owners and leaders of the Academy were present for the ceremony, along with each of the players’ coaches, families and fellow athletes.


Graydon Buckingham with coaches and family

Aathreya Mahesh with coaches and family

Charlie Piegza with coaches and family


Both Stan and B.J. commented that college was a significant time for each of them, along with having made many great memories. In addition, they stated how important it is for these seniors to continue to work hard on their tennis, both over the summer, and once on campus at college.

“You never know what might lay ahead for your future,” said B.J. Stearns. “You never know how far you can go,” he said.

Senior Class 2021-2022 Smith Stearns Tennis Academy



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