Academy Life

Smith Stearn Housing

Family-style housing.

In contrast to the dormitory housing at many tennis academies, Smith Stearns provides three single-family homes, each with full-time supervision by resident house parents. We aim to promote a family style atmosphere – a true home away from home. House parents provide transportation, do laundry and cook meals – in addition to providing caring supervision and guidance.

Combined, the four houses accommodate up to 30 players. The homes are spacious and offer a common living area, dining area, kitchen, laundry space, student bedrooms and bathrooms, and a houseparent suite.  Students share bedrooms which they are able to personalize to their taste, and an adjoining bathroom. Each student has their own study space and wireless internet access is available throughout the house.

Delicious home cooked meals are provided and each student has the ability to request their favorite foods on a weekly shopping list. Our house parents can accommodate various nutrition requests and food allergies as well.

Housing is available for full-time students and guests.

View pictures of housing here.