Smith Stearns proudly develops well-rounded, well-educated student athletes

High-Quality Academics

Smith Stearns Tennis Academy recognizes the need for players to combine intense training with academic development and success. Our goal is to produce well-rounded and well-educated student athletes that are prepared for college and beyond.

Educational Options

We provide access to the very best schooling options for our students, depending on what their goals or needs may be. We understand that each student is unique and may excel in a variety of diverse learning environments.

One of a Kind Program

Our partnership with Hilton Head Preparatory School sets our academy apart, as we are the only academy that can provide our students the ability to train in a Full-Time Academy Program (two intense sessions per day), while attending a top-rated College Preparatory Academic Program. This offers our students a balance of strong academics, amongst a vibrant school community, enhancing their overall experience. They can foster their passion for tennis and a strong academic future at the same time! You will not be able to find this unique combination anywhere else!

Academic Support

Smith Stearns Tennis Academy offers students a strong support system, however, some students may wish to receive extra academic support from highly qualified tutors as well as SAT Prep and Continuing Education courses. Strong relationships have been built amongst our academic community so we can easily arrange any of these services for our students.

Hilton Head Preparatory School

Hilton Head Preparatory School is an independent day school that enrolls 425 students in Junior Kindergarten through Grade 12 and is accredited by SAIS. Offering a unique program of academic and co-curricular activities, Hilton Head Preparatory School challenges each individual to reach his or her highest potential. Learning and character are nurtured through a traditional college preparatory curriculum that integrates the liberal arts and sciences, technology, and ethical values. A strong emphasis is placed on personal character, integrity, and responsibility.

The school maintains a challenging curriculum whose mission is to prepare for the most selective colleges. They offer flexible attendance requirements for those with varying training and travel schedules, as well as modified daily schedules to accommodate each student’s training needs. Hilton Head Preparatory School specializes in personalized programs for students with athletic, artistic, and academic passions.

Students who attend Hilton Head Prep get the opportunity to attend Smith Stearns ALL DAY Program and still complete their schooling requirements. Students participate in our morning program, go to school from 10:15 am -1:05 pm, and then head back to the academy for their afternoon training. Students will complete four traditional courses per year and one online course.

Hilton Head Prep also offers a morning program for those students who would like to attend school in the mornings and do the Smith Stearns PM Only Program each afternoon. This program runs from 8:00 am – 1:05 pm daily.

Director of Admissions: Sarah Demaria

Phone: (843) 671-2289



Laurel Springs LogoLaurel Springs School (Online)

The Laurel Springs School is a private, accredited, online, college preparatory school ideal for those wanting to combine a rigorous tennis training and tournament schedule with a competitive academic program. Their program is NCAA approved and an excellent option for student athletes. Due to our partnership with Laurel Springs all Smith Stearns students receive a 10% discount off tuition.


Phone: (866) 475-6445



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