- March Tournament Update

March has been a busy month for all of our students! Congrats to all of them for their continued success!
CTA Midcourt Cup – Southern Level 3
Jack Kelly – Winner B12 Singles
Barbara Rodriguez – Winner G18 Singles
Elle Christensen – Winner G12 Singles
Morgan McNeal – 4th Place G18 Singles
Sydnee Wheeler – 3rd Place G16 Singles
Adelaide Lavery – Consolation Finalist G12 Singles
Norcross Bullfrog Designated
Hampton Drake – 3rd Place B16 Singles
Natalie Kitchen – Quarterfinalist G16 Singles
Jackie Carr – Quarterfinalist G16 Singles
Katelyn Jackson – Quarterfinalist G16 Singles
USTA National Spring Championships
Andrew Schafer – 6th Place B18 Singles
Baton Rouge Bullfrog Designated
Carsten Fisher – 3rd Place B16 Singles
Topspin Championships – Southern Level 3
Allie Burak – 3rd Place G16 Singles and 2nd Place G16s doubles
Katelyn Jackson – 3rd Place G18 Singles and Winner G18 Doubles
Mary McNeal – 4th Place G16s Singles and Finalist G16 Doubles
Morgan McNeal – 4th Place G18 Singles and Winner G18 Doubles
Liz Williams – Consolation Finalist G14 Singles
Alex Vanezis – Champion B14s Singles
Barbara Rodriguez – Finalist G18 Singles
Katie Hoch – Finalist G18 Singles
Jack Kelly – 4th place B12 Singles
Kate Christensen – Consolation Finalist G16 Singles
Mary Grace Armistead – Winner G10 Singles
Charlie Drake – 3rd place B18 Singles and Champion of B18 Doubles with Hampton Drake

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