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Smith Stearns Dominates VDM Classic


Smith Stearns students won numerous titles at the Van der Meer Junior Classic held September 14-16 on Hilton Head Island. A total of 37 Smith Stearns students competed in the event. For some students this was their first tournament of the new semester and it was surely a great way to start off with a bang!


Following is a list of our champions and finalists:


B16 Champion – Sean Sculley

B14 Champion – Alex Sklizovic

G18 Champion – Kennedy Shaffer

G16 Champion – Alli Burak

G 14 Champion – Catie Meighan

B18 Doubles Champions – Matt Bishop & Jiri Honajzer

B16 Doubles Champions – Sean Sculley & Alex Vanezis

G12 Doubles Champion – Raluca Velcu

B18 Finalist – Matt Bishop

G14 Finalist – Katie Rankin

G12 Finalist – Sara McClure

B18 Doubles Finalists – Colby Burke & Perry Williams

B16 Doubles Finalists – Mitchell Brockmann & Amit Kohli

B12 Doubles Finalist – Conrad Alford

B10 Doubles Finalist – Will Henry Alford

G18 Doubles Finalist – Barbara Rodriguez

G14 Doubles Finalists – Catie Meighan & Katie Rankin

G12 Doubles Finalists – Mary Grace Armistead & McKenzie Daniel

B12 Consolation Champion – Jack Armistead

G16 Consolation Champion – Ariel Shulman

G12 Consolation Champion – Grace Kennedy

B18 Consolation Finalist – Perry Williams

B10 Consolation Finalist – Will Henry Alford

G18 Consolation Finalist – Mary Hampton McNeal

G16 Consolation Finalist – Mary Ann Aaron

G12 Consolation Finalist – Mary Grace Armistead



Congratulations to our champions and finalists as well as all of our Smith Stearns students who competed hard and had excellent results this past weekend!



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