- Senior Spotlight: Ellie Zimmermann

Ellie Zimmermann Hometown: Green Bay, Wisconsin College Commitment: Villanova University   Ellie has been a member of the academy for the past two years after moving from Wisconsin to find a place where she could find a great balance between her tennis, academics, and social life. Over the years Ellie has developed into a great tennis player while showing strong character both on and off the tennis court. Her fun and outgoing personality is what sets her apart and makes … read more

- Senior Spotlight: Alexander Jones

Alexander Moyer Jones Hometown: Durham, North Carolina College Commitment: University of North Carolina at Charlotte   Alexander or “AJ” as we call him at the academy, started playing tennis when he was 8 years old. It quickly became his passion and he started training and traveling to tournaments in the Raleigh area. Living so close to Duke University inspired him to play at a high level and gave him the goal to hopefully one day play collegiate tennis. At the … read more

- Senior Spotlight: Audrey Bennett

Audrey Bennett Hometown: Carmel, Indiana College Commitment: Millsaps College   Originally from Carmel, Indiana, Audrey started at the academy four years ago when she realized she wanted to pursue tennis on a competitive level. Having taken up the game at a later age than most, Audrey’s hard work and determination have given her the opportunity to achieve success very quickly.   Audrey recognizes that all of the coaches have been instrumental in her success, especially Billy who has really helped … read more

- Senior Spotlight: Ariel Shulman

Ariel Shulman Hometown: Parkersburg, West Virginia College Commitment: Marist College   Ariel started off her tennis career in her hometown of Parkersburg, West Virginia at twelve years old. After realizing she was passionate about the game she started to look for an academy where she could further pursue her goals. After a meeting with BJ a few summers ago, Ariel felt that Smith Stearns would be a great fit for her. She fell in love with the Island, the family … read more

- Senior Spotlight: Justin Stubblefield

Justin Stubblefield Hometown: Hilton Head Island, South Carolina College Commitment: Millsaps College   Justin started at the academy two years ago so he could better prepare himself for college by playing with other strong players and great coaches. He has spent many hours training hard and developing his game and he credits Paul for being instrumental in his success. Justin’s wit and sense of humor set him apart and always put a smile on your face. He is an extremely … read more

- Senior Spotlight: Sydnee Wheeler

Sydnee Wheeler Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania College Commitment: Niagara University   Originally from Pittsburgh, Sydnee and her family moved to the Hilton Head area when she was around 10 years old. She started in some clinics with Jolene that motivated her to take up tennis. In the 8th grade, Sydnee started at the academy on a full-time basis and has since developed into one of the top players in South Carolina. It has been amazing to watch Sydnee grow into a … read more

- College Alumni Roundup

        Last year was a historic year for five former Smith Stearns students who competed in the National Championship Match in Athens, Georgia. Kaitlin Ray and Catherine Harrison were on the UCLA Bruins Championship team that defeated Hayley Carter, Caroline Price, and Whitney Kay of the UNC Tar Heel’s in a hard fought 4-3 win to earn the NCAA title.                   It was a special moment for Smith Stearns … read more

- Senior Spotlight: Mariana Gould

Mariana Gould Hometown: Boise, Idaho College Commitment: University of Georgia   A top national player for most of her junior career, Mariana knew she had to make a decision and leave Boise in order to further pursue her game at a high level. She visited the academy and immediately loved the coaches and the people and knew it would be a great spot for her to call her second home. Mariana and her family made the trip across the country … read more

- Senior Spotlight: Katelyn Jackson

Katelyn Jackson Hometown: Little Rock, Arkansas College Commitment: Texas Tech University   Following in the footsteps of another Little Rock native, Katelyn Jackson came to the academy three years ago at the advice of former student Kaitlin Ray, to attend one the summer camps. It was love at first site as she instantly new it was the right fit for her to pursue her tennis, and decided to become a full-time student and make Smith Stearns her “second home”. Since … read more

- Senior Spotlight: Kelly Mengel

Kelly Mengel Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania College Commitment: Penn State University   Kelly Mengel knows very well what the word perseverance means. Formerly a five star player on Tennis Recruiting, Kelly has battled through injuries over the years, and when many may have stopped, Kelly continued to keep trying, showing her true dedication and love for the game. After her setbacks, she got even more serious, deciding that she would move to the academy to improve her tennis game in a … read more